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County Considers Replacing Voluntary Boards With Special Magistrates


The stated purpose for this "idea" was to take the burden of long meetings from the volunteers and the BCC. Well I am sorry but public service sometimes requires some sacrifice and the public's interests should be at the heart of the decision.

We conducted an online search for opinions considering the pros & cons of such a move.  A search on the Attorney Generals website found a VERY IMPORTANT difference in the two methods of dealing with quasi-judicial hearings.

Pam Bondi issued this AG opinion on March 9th of this year.  Seems the public is not allowed to be heard when you make the switch to a Special Magistrate.

Citizens Are Barred from Speaking !

Attorney Generals Opinion

Number: AGO 2017-01
Date: March 9, 2017

"Therefore, I am of the opinion that section 286.0114 (3)(d), Florida Statutes, does not require that members of the public be given a “reasonable opportunity to be heard” at quasi-judicial code enforcement hearings conducted by a special magistrate pursuant to authority delegated by the county code enforcement board, and that section 162.07(4), Florida Statutes, contemplates that the outcomes of code enforcement hearings will be presented at public hearings conducted by the special magistrate."


Pam Bondi
Attorney General



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