Vision Statement






The Walton County Taxpayers Association (WCTA) has a vision for Walton County as a vibrant, safe place for citizens to live, work, raise families, start businesses, and retire.


The WCTA believes that lower taxes, an efficient county government, elected officials and government agencies that operate with transparency, and an excellent education system are all fundamental to the growth and success of Walton County.


As an advocate for taxpayers and for effective government, WCTA focuses its efforts on achieving the following four goals:


1. A county government that is vigilant about protecting tax dollars – a government that understands and respects the fact that tax dollars are the people’s money, generated through hard work and sacrifice.

We support efforts to streamline taxation in Walton County.


  • We support efforts to reduce the tax burden on residents by reducing millage rates and sales tax rates wherever possible.


  •  We support budgets set in a transparent manner that are    reflective of community needs and citizen priorities.


  • We support efforts to provide for greater oversight over the use of tourism taxes, guaranteeing that these tax dollars are used for their intended purpose: to improve and enhance our economy through targeted and cost-efficient tourism marketing.


2. A county government that operates effectively and efficiently, at all times, with the best interests of citizens at heart.


  • We support efforts to ensure that the best qualified employees and contractors are hired, promoted, and compensated based on merit alone.


  • We support efforts to ensure that each county department is run efficiently and effectively, with the overriding goal of serving Walton County residents and taxpayers, not special interest groups.


  • We support efforts to fairly and equitably enforce county regulations and ordinances, with the best interests of homeowners and taxpayers in mind.


  • We support efforts to protect our property values by ensuring storm water runoff regulations are continuously reviewed/strengthened and that developers strictly adhere to these regulations.


3. A county government that operates in the Sunshine, with genuine transparency, so that citizens can trust that decisions are made with integrity.


  • We support efforts to hold elected officials and government agencies accountable for following the letter and the spirit of Florida’s Sunshine laws.


  • We support efforts to improve the public records request process, and regulations regarding the preservation of these public records.


  • We support the effective advertisement and promotion of public meetings, as well as the right of taxpayers to speak on issues at these meetings to ensure maximum community involvement in decision-making.


4. A county that values the importance of a high quality, excellent, and affordable education system designed to improve the lives of all of Walton County’s children.



  • We support efforts to streamline bureaucracy and cut the growth of administration, so that deserving classroom teachers can receive greater pay.


  • We support efforts to transform school district administration, working to eliminate unnecessary politics from the system and ensure that only individuals with high levels of qualifications are empowered to manage our school district.


  • We support efforts to grow our school system responsibly with significant community input, and with financial viability during all new construction.


  • We support efforts to reduce the millage rate for schools during times when property values, and tax receipts, are high.





The Walton County Taxpayers Association, Inc is a non-profit (501 c 4) corporation. Each member of the WCTA has a vote in polls and the election of officers and directors.  Members receive periodic newsletters as well as special mailings and announcements. 


Charitable contributions of $20.00 or more are appreciated. By using the online application you consent to our use of your email address for communication with you electronically.


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Thank you for joining and supporting our organization.



Walton County Taxpayers Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 1085

Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459