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Summary Information 
# Voters:   3869 Voted:   2123
Notified:   3862 Notified who haven't voted:   1746

Survey Questions
Bedtax Renewal
Do you support the renewal of this ½% bed-tax?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1486 70% 1 No
Yes 637 30% 2 Yes
Sports Complex Funding
Do you support an MSBU assessment for the sports complex?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1762 83% 1 No
Yes 361 17% 2 Yes

Do you support a “South Walton Only” MSBU assessment to pay for it?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1783 84% 1 No
Yes 360 16% 2 Yes
Tram System
Do you support a Tram System for 30A and Scenic Gulf Drive?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1125 53% 1 No
Yes 998 47% 2 Yes
Do you support it being funded with bed-tax dollars?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1443 68% 1 No
Yes 680 32% 2 Yes
Do you support it being “free” to all riders?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1549 73% 1 No
Yes 574 27% 2 Yes
Business Registration Fee
Do you support a new annual registration fee for all businesses in Walton County?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1253 59% 1 No
Yes 870 41% 2 Yes
Do you support a $30 annual fee?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1254 59% 1 No
Yes 869 41% 2 Yes
County Commissioners Election Process
a. Should Walton County change who gets to vote for the commissioner in their district?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
Yes 1082 51% 1 Yes
No 1041 49% 2 No
Registered Voter Status
Are you a registered voter in Walton County Florida ?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
Yes 1188 56% 1 No
No 935 44% 2 Yes
Bedtax Collection
Are you a "Bed Tax Collector" in Walton County ?
Response Count Percent Rank Graph
No 1158 64% 1 No
Yes 765 35% 2 Yes



Where do the 14 Commissioner Candidates Stand on 7 key issues facing Walton County ?


This questionnaire is an effort to provide the candidates the opportunity to go on the record with their position on some key issues facing Walton County over the next few years. A summary of the candidates' responses to those questions - (see link below to download the summary report).


We used a format asking questions that were to be answered by checking a box with no narrative and the others required a narrative response. In certain cases you will find that you are referred this website to view a candidate's narrative response. Click on the "Original Questionnaire" icon beside the candidates name in the table below to view their response.

The survey was mailed through the US Postal Service to each candidate. The survey was also emailed to each candidate at the same time to give them equal time to answer each question. Delivery to each candidate was confirmed.

Two candidates chose not to participate - Mr. Bill Chapman and Allen White.

The WCTA does not feel that it should interpret a narrative response to determine whether the candidate’s response was a yes or no. Voters are free to interpret as they choose. These questions may not cover all of the questions that you as a voter might have, and we encourage you to ask your own questions of the candidates. We have include in the table below links to their website, email address and phone number.

Keys to response notations

No response - the candidate chose not to participate

See WCTA Website - the candidate either failed to check a box as a response or provided a response to a narrative question that exceeded the space available for each answer.  You may find the candidates entire response by clicking on "Original Questionnaire" in the table below.


Thank you for your interest in the upcoming County Commissioner election. The WCTA does not endorse candidates but feels that an informed electorate can make better choices.

Note : Candidates were given the opportunity to correct any of their responses that we made in keying their data, but were not allowed to change a prior response.











Bill Imfeld


Rick Roberts


Tom Babcock


Cecilia Jones


Cindy Meadows


Timothy G. Pauls


Will Palmer


Allen White

Not Provided

Bill Fletcher


Frank Day


Paula Riggs


W. Robert Nelson


'West' Ritchie


'Bill' Chapman





WCTA Position on Greg KiselaTermination

Once again, the Walton County Taxpayers Association is in disagreement with another ill-advised action taken by the BCC which we believe not in the best interests of the citizens at large, whose interests the BCC is at least hypothetically supposed to represent.

The WCTA has publicly and privately opposed the BCC's taking any action adverse to Mr. Kisela. We opposed his firing months ago. We opposed the mutually agreed resignation. We opposed his firing by the BCC this week.

We believe the citizens of Walton County have once again been disserved if not in fact betrayed by the BCC. Mr. Kisela is a capable, experienced professional who has in our opinion done as good a job as the BCC has permitted, apparently too good for the comfort of some. Why have 3 members of the BCC voted not only to give him over $60,000 taxpayer dollars to go away quietly, but then followed up with termination without cause, this time comporting with the law if not good sense in legally, and we believe foolishly, triggering his 6 month bonus payday? The contrived resignation we thought clearly a violation of state laws.

The only public word from a commissioner on Greg's job performance I'm aware of came from Commissioner Cecilia Jones. She gave Greg a vote of confidence for his good conduct of his duties. The WCTA has found him to be an asset to the taxpayers, deserving of praise for his performance, not firing.

Why did the BCC fire him? Whose agenda is being followed? We strongly feel it was not in the public's best interest for the BCC to take either of the actions they took. We continue to be left with the question unanswered, not even addressed, by the BCC -- Why was he fired?













75.2% of our members participating in the survey

do not support the 1/2 cent sales tax increase





67.1% of our members participating in the survey

do not support a toll bridge









BCC Contemplates A Voluntary Retirement/Separation Program

The County is facing significant revenue reductions for the fiscal year 2012 budget.

At this time it is difficult to ascertain the exact amount of loss in revenue. However, a reduction of approximately $2,000,000- $4,000,000 is likely to be expected.




  Understanding Your Walton County Trim Notice.


The trim Notice is a notification to a property owner of the proposed budget for the next year.  It shows comparative numbers for your latest property evaluation, millage rate and the proposed taxes being proposed by each taxing authority.  It also list the required public hearings to include date, time and location.






The WCTA Presents It's First 2011 Best Practices Award To The Walton County Tax Collectors Office


The WCTA would like to recognize the Walton County Tax Collector’s office for managing effectively during tough economic times.

As you know The tax collector’s office gets a certified tax roll each October from the property appraiser’s office. The tax roll is used to generate property tax bills. The tax collector cannot reduce or adjust the amount of taxes due on any account. Any changes in the assessed value of a property must be issued through the property appraiser’s office.





WCTA Presents 2nd Best Practices Award To Tom Baker


Tom Baker has diligently pursued those who have defrauded the system. For this reason he deserves our recognition.


Article: Walton County Housing pursues fraud investigations





Online Tax Certificate Sale Results for 2011
Sale Revenues Just Over $5 million

DeFuniak Springs, FL (June 3, 2011) – The Walton County Tax Collector’s Office held the annual tax certificate auction online for the sixth consecutive year on June 1, attracting over 10 million bids and generating $5,042,785.93, down approximately 3 million from last year.

The tax collector’s online auction offered 5,373 tax certificates on parcels owned by individuals who owe delinquent property taxes. A sale of 4,191 parcels resulted, leaving 1,182 unpaid and assigned to the county at 18 percent interest, the highest possible interest allowed by law.

”The sale did generate significantly less money this year, but that was due in part to approximately 92% of the tax roll being collected prior to the sale. The number of parcels advertised was down 25% compared to last year, “said Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper. “The reduction in delinquent tax accounts is certainly positive and hopefully reflects some recovery in our local economy.”

For those persons still interested in investing in tax certificates, certificates struck to the county will be available for purchase online at on July 1 at 8 am. Those interested in purchasing county held certificates will be required to register online to obtain a bidder number, complete an IRS W-9 form, and pay the face amount of the tax certificate plus a $6.25 per certificate purchase fee. The county held certificates will be sold in a similar fashion to the “Buy It Now” feature on Ebay. Interested bidders should register at the sale site prior to July 1 to ensure all banking information is available upon the start of the sale.

The auction Web site, including this year’s results, is available at, or from the tax collectors official website at